Bags with chains

The chain on a bag can act as an accessory in itself. Therefore, it is the ideal bag for everyone who wants to spice up their clothes and give it a little extra finish.







Valgt prisinterval: 0 DKK - 2000 DKK

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Bags with chains from Noella

Buy bags with chains from Noella - we have a large selection. A metal chain on a bag can be a really cool detail, which contrasts with an otherwise feminine and simple bag. We have clutches, shoulder bags and handbags with chains. We are sure that you can find exactly the bag that you are missing in our large range.

Spice up your outfit with a chain bag

We have many different colours, patterns and sizes in the category of bags with chains, so there is something for everyone. At Noella, we always value quality very highly, and we do the same with our bags with chains. We produce them in quality materials with great focus on the details. That is why our bags always look super complete and fabulous. We have both very simple bags with chains, but also some with slightly wilder details and structure in the fabric. It is up to you and your personal preferences which bag you prefer.

Contact us

If you are in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready via both chat, phone and email and happy to help you find the absolutely PERFECT bag. It can be difficult to assess a bag properly online, but we have done our best to get the best photos taken for you, so you can easily assess the look of the bag. However, if you are still in doubt, we are happy to help you get a better description of what our fabulous bags look like.

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