Crossover bags

Crossover bags

The crossover bag is super useful because you have your hands free at all times, but you have all your important things within easy reach. In addition, you can always find a bag by us which complements your outfit.

Crossover bags

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    The crossover or crossbody bag

    A crossover bag is also called a crossbody bag, and is a type of bag that never goes out of fashion. This classic bag is a necessity in any wardrobe and it is perfect for many situations. If you do not already have a crossover bag in your wardrobe, you can explore the selection here at Noella Fashion. We have a wealth of crossover bags in different styles.

    The crossover bag for your personal style

    At Noella, we are known for our Scandinavian style, which is primarily characterized by simple and timeless design. This is also reflected in our selection of gorgeous crossbody bags, all of which are stylish in expression, but with beautiful details that make them essential in any wardrobe.

    If your wardrobe needs a whiff of new life, a new bag can do a lot. Accessories are most often an integral part of any wardrobe and it is only an advantage if they never go out of fashion. Our bags are selected with the idea of being timeless, and thus you get a bag that can follow you for many years to come. However, we are aware that most people do not feel that one bag is enough and therefore we have made a lot of different designs that can be used both to and from work, for an evening out or for a wedding party.

    A nice bag is more than storage - it is a way for you to express your personality and at the same time make a good investment. A quality bag can last a long time and be usable as long as you just take care of it. And what woman will not take care of her bag? After all, it can contain everything from make-up, perfume, your wallet and mobile phone to calendars, a scarf, headphones and many more things that are of great importance to most people.

    The perfect crossover for a night on the town

    A crossbody bag is the perfect choice for a night on the town. Here there is room for everything you need - your wallet, mobile and your indispensable make up. At the same time, it is possible to carry the bag over your shoulder, which means that it does not get in the way when it comes to dancing and maybe holding a drink in your hand.

    If you want a nice basic bag for good times in the city, we can recommend a nice crossover bag in stylish black leather. This bag will fit most outfits and be your faithful companion on many city afternoons and evenings. To extend the life of the bag, you can easily use impregnation leather on your bag every now and then.

    If you want a bag that updates your look, you can choose one of our many other bags that suits you and your personality. There is ample opportunity to find a unique bag that suits your style. If you have a tendency to choose black clothes, a bag can be a good way to start if you want to add a little colour to your outfit. You can also choose a velor bag or a chain bag to add another element to your outfit.

    Spice up your outfit

    A bag can always be used to spice up an outfit. If you have more than one bag at home, you are definitely part of the group that has a weakness for nice bags and shoes, because they can always add something extra to an everyday outfit. At the same time, they can make your festive look even more beautiful if you add the right accessories. That is why we have a large selection of shoulder bags, purses, clutches, belt bags, handbags and larger bags. We always make sure to have new styles ready for you, as we always make sure to offer you the latest trends.

    Crossbody with several functions

    At Noella Fashion, we focus on quality, and all the bags are made of fabulous quality materials. Emphasis is placed on good craftsmanship, which means that all the bags have a beautiful finish, which makes them a pleasure to carry. If you order a crossbody bag from Noella Fashion, you can expect to have it within 1-2 days. However, it may be a good idea to order it a bit earlier if you want to be sure to have it for a particular occasion.

    Remember that we have bags in genuine leather for everyone who prefers that, but we also have a large selection of imitation leather and fabric types, if you prefer that instead. With most of our crossbody bags, you can take the long strap off and use it with the short one over the shoulder instead. It can often give a more exclusive and finer look if it is to be used for a life event such as confirmation party, an even birthday or wedding party.

    Quick and Easy

    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to shop from us. Therefore, we have given you the opportunity to create a profile on our website, so we can remember your delivery details and you can check-out quicker when you shop with us. Therefore, we encourage you to create a profile in the top right corner of our website, so you can get started shopping online.

    At Noella Fashion, we are passionate about good service. Therefore, we have made sure that you get free shipping as soon as you buy for more than 349 kroner. In addition, we place a high value on fast service. That is why we always make sure to send your order within 24 hours and often the same day.

    Questions or have a discount coupon?

    If you can not find what you are looking for on, you are always welcome to call our customer service on +45 93 10 40 35 or send us an email at In addition, you can always get answers to questions via both Facebook and Instagram. We respond as quickly as we can every weekday between 8 am -3.30 pm.

    Did you find the perfect bag? Hurry and order it today, so you can have your bag already in 1-2 days - we work fast in order to send your order within 24 hours! Please also note that we give you a free 10% discount coupon for a purchase on this site if you simply sign up for our newsletter. You can do this at the bottom of our website by simply entering your email and your name.

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