Winter jackets

Winter jackets can easily be fashionable and create something extra for your outfit. Therefore, winter jackets by Noella are created with the intention of keeping you warm while looking good in the cold.







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Winter jackets by Noella

Do you need a jacket that can make it a little easier to get out in the winter cold? Then find one of our women's winter jackets which ensures you look stylish, but keeps you warm both around the body, neck and even the ears with the help of the large hoods which many of our jackets are designed with. In addition, you will find a selection of cool parka coats with wind traps at the sleeves and with a zipper and button closure that keeps the wind out and the heat inside.

Style your winter jacket

Winter jackets can easily be styled in different ways, for example use a high-necked knit sweater underneath for a layer-on-layer look or combine it with a cardigan where the sleeve protrudes at the armhole. There is no need to ruin your outfit with a big clumsy winter jacket when you can get stylish and cool winter jackets that complement your physique and add something extra to your outfit. In addition, you can use your winter jacket with a pair of chunky boots and a scarf for the really cold winter months.

Jackets for winter

Jackets and winter belong together, so make sure to look beautiful in one of our nice long winter jackets or maybe a checkered jacket? Whatever you prefer, we are convinced that you will find it at Our jackets are available in different qualities and at good prices, so everyone can find something for them. If you are in doubt about which winter jacket or winter coat to buy, we can recommend the classic parka jacket that never goes out of fashion. You can always recognize the parka by the large hood, the puffy expression and the knee-length cut. The jacket also usually has pockets that you can place your hands in to keep them nice and warm even when you forgot your mittens.

Winter jacket Sale

After each season, we put the remnants of the winter jackets on sale. This ensures that we have room for new items and that you can secure next year's winter jacket at a good price. You will find winter jacket sales under the category sales at the top of the website. You will get the sale items delivered within 1-2 working days, just like our normal range. If you have questions about size, fit, colour or anything else, you are always welcome to contact us by phone, email or via social media.

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