A coat is the perfect way to look trendy in the cold. The coat is for anybody who wants to keep warm, but without compromising on your look.







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In the winter season, a beautiful coat is the perfect way to make your outfit trendy and stylish. Here at Noella you can find a large selection of different coats, so you can keep warm when the temperatures outside drop and it really starts to get cold. The coats are made of the highest quality, which ensures high durability so that the jackets are not damaged by the cold and humidity of winter. We sell a wide selection of coats, so you can get exactly the model that suits your personal style. There are many models to choose from, so you can find the right coat - whether you want a short or a long winter coat.

Seasonal winter coats for women

Each season offers new trends and items, yet there are certain things that never go out of fashion. The coat is one of the styles you will see every year within the fashion scene. At Noella, we sell coats with elegant and stylish designs, which are a must-have for the fashion-conscious girl or woman. Our fashionable jackets come in many different designs and styles, and there is definitely one for you. Every year we make sure to create a new detail for our coats which makes it contemporary and current for the particular season.

Coats that fit

The coats are made with a cut that gives them a great fit regardless of style or colour. The coats are sewn with simple details, which are elegant. Thus, the coats can easily be used over a knit sweater, a blouse and styles with scarves or other beautiful accessories.

If you want a winter coat that fits everything, you can choose one in classic black or other neutral colours. This is a coat that never goes out of fashion and that fits all winter boots. If, on the other hand, you want a jacket that makes an extra impression, you can consider one of our fabulous checkered Viksa jackets. The winter jacket may sound pragmatic, but it can be so much more than that if you choose one of our designer jackets with beautiful details.

When ordering at Noella

If you are in doubt about which size to use, it is typically a good idea to choose the largest size if you are choosing between two sizes. That way, you make sure you always have room to wear a knit sweater or thicker blouse under your jacket. If you want to be sure of being able to keep warm, you can also choose a cardigan from our fabulous selection.

At Noella you can also find outerwear for the rest of the season. For the summer, you can consider one of our unique Viksa jackets which are perfect for semi-cool days.

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