Transition jackets

Find the perfect transition jacket by Noella. The transition jacket can be used for the colder periods with a knit sweater underneath and for the warmer periods with a thin blouse underneath. That way, you get a jacket which works for different seasons.







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Transition jackets

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    Transition jackets for women

    A transitional jacket can be seen in many shades and used in many different ways. If you take the trench coat, you have a jacket that is ingenious with dresses, but also with a pair of jeans and a pullover. A blazer can be used in the same way as a transition jacket, but with a thick high-necked knit sweater underneath for autumn. If you are looking for a jacket that works optimally as both a spring jacket and an autumn jacket, our Viksa jacket is a good option. Here you get the opportunity to get both a checkered jacket, a long jacket and a short jacket. The only thing you need to consider is which print you prefer. The good thing about Viksa, in addition to the many colour combinations, is that it is made in a fabulous wool quality. Wool is a good material for both cold and hot seasons, because wool has a temperature-regulating effect.

    The perfect transition jacket

    If you ask us, there are many bids for the perfect transition jacket. This is because there are many parameters to measure; should it be good to cycle in, warm for the bus stop, comfortable to move in or stretchy across the back for the car ride?

    The good thing about the Viksa jackets is their stretchability over the shoulders and in the sleeves. They are therefore both good to move in, but also great for keeping you warm thanks to the wool quality. The perfect shopping jacket is therefore either a trench coat in cotton or wool, as the many temperature changes in and out of stores can create confusion for the body. Therefore, it is smart to wear a jacket where you can get rid of the heat inside - but at the same time stay warm outside. That is why our suggestions for a perfect transition jacket is made of natural material that you can breathe in, which you will of course find a large selection of at

    What is a transition jacket?

    A transition jacket can be explained as a combination of a winter jacket and a summer jacket, and the transition jacket is therefore somewhere in between. The summer jacket is often just a demi jacket or a cardigan, and the winter jacket is usually in a thicker material with a filling of either cotton wool or down.

    The transition jacket must be able to hold a cardigan or knit sweater underneath, but at the same time be comfortable to wear only with a top or t-shirt. On bare skin, it is most comfortable to wear natural material at all times, as it does not stick to the skin, as the inner lining of polyester can do. Polyester inner lining is mostly used in winter jackets for the same reason as it can keep you warm and you still have a long-sleeved blouse underneath. If you are considering one of our Viksa jackets or trench coats as a transitional jacket, we can only say go for it as they have the perfect thickness for both spring and autumn.

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