Shoulder bags

The shoulder bag is an eternal classic that never goes out of fashion. You can even change the strap and give it new life for each season.







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The shoulder bag for the stylish woman

The shoulder bag is the practical - and modern - choice that is perfect for anyone who is looking for a smart bag in which you can store your valuables without worrying. The belt bag is so practical, and has become one of the items that is now here to stay. The belt bag is thus the safe choice for your wardrobe if you want a bag that never goes out of fashion and is always usable in your busy everyday life.

Different shoulder bags

At Noella, we have an exquisite selection of belt bags, and you can therefore be sure that there is a bag for exactly your style and wardrobe in our range. Our selection offers belt bags in different colours, models and sizes, which you can freely choose from.

At Noella, we believe that all women should own at least one shoulder bag, and there are many good reasons for this. The first reason is obvious; the shoulder bag is incredibly fashionable, and you can hardly look in a fashion magazine or go on Instagram without it being there, and we can see why.

Furthermore, we can not escape the fact that the shoulder bag is incredibly practical - and we dare to say that the vast majority of women love bags that are both fashionable and practical, as this is a real win-win situation.

A shoulder bag from Noella

Buy shoulder bags from Noella - we have a large selection. Our popular bags like Celina and Celia can be used as both a shoulder bag and a crossover. Our bags are super practical with pockets, compartments and adjustable straps - so the bag fits you perfectly. We have clutches, shoulder bags, crossovers and handbags with chains. We are sure that you can find exactly the bag that you are missing at Noella. We have many different colours, patterns and sizes within shoulder bags. At Noella, we always value quality very highly, and we have several years of experience in designing must-have bags, so you can be sure that your Noella bag is both modern and practical. We produce our bags in quality materials with a focus on details. That is why our bags always look super put together and fabulous. We produce bags in imitation suede and leather as well as in genuine suede and leather. We also have a large selection of shoulder bags and crossovers in different fabrics and prints. It is entirely up to you and your personal preferences which bag you prefer - but we are sure you can find one for you in our large selection of bags.

Contact us

If you are in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready via both chat, phone and email and happy to help you find the absolutely PERFECT bag. It can be difficult to assess a bag properly online, but we have done our best to get the best photos taken for you, so you can easily assess the look of the bag. However, if you are still in doubt, we are happy to help you get a better description of what our fabulous bags look like.

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