We think it is important that our jeans fit most people, but without compromising on the design. You will therefore find that our jeans fit well, have some nice details and at the same time are extra comfortable to wear in both sedentary and active situations.







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Jeans that fit as they should

It can be difficult to find the perfect jeans, and because of that we have adjusted and added the right details many times to achieve the perfect pair of trousers. Therefore, with a pair of Noella jeans, you get super comfortable tight or loose-fitting trousers, where you are guaranteed a good fit and a pair of jeans that feel amazing to wear.

Tight jeans

If you choose our Sofia Jeans, you get the classic jeans look that fits snugly on the buttocks and all the way down the leg. In addition, we have refined the pocket placement on the jeans several times, so they now sit where most people prefer them.

In addition, they are high-waisted, which makes it possible to combine the trousers with cropped sweaters and sweatshirts that are very common in the fashion scene.

We have added stretch in Sofia's waistline, which makes them easier to put on and super easy to close. Of course, the elastic in the trouser opening also makes them much more comfortable to wear in both sedentary and active situations.

Mom jeans

The name comes from the fact that this particular type of trousers were worn by middle-aged American women in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Therefore, the trousers were not seen as trendy by young people, which has now changed. The high-waisted mom jeans have become a must have in the wardrobe among style-conscious girls.

The slightly oversized look of the pants adds edge to your style and creates a bold touch to your outfit. Mom jeans are known for resting on the waist and on top of the buttocks. From the middle of the buttocks and downwards, they sit more loosely which make them nice to wear.

If you combine a high heel with your mom jeans and one of our fine Venice blouses, you can easily use them for a party and at the same time look super stylish.

Jeans work every day depending on what you combine them with

There are not many wardrobes in today’s society that do not contain a pair of jeans in one shade or another, and it is quite logical why. It is for the same reason that you will find our jeans in a lot of good basic colours, so they are easy for you to use with everything you already have in the wardrobe.

With that said, Noella's jeans can be used for absolutely anything. If you put on a Cavi blouse, you have the perfect everyday outfit, if you put on a Lipe dress, you have the outfit for going to a café, and if you choose one of our blouses with puff sleeves instead, you have the outfit for an evening out.

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