Short dresses

The short dress can be used for many different events, depending on how it is styled. Wear it with a pair of tight jeans and a pair of chunky sneakers for a more casual look or with a pair of high sandals for a festive event.







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Short dresses

If you want to give your wardrobe a feminine touch, you can invest in a short dress from Noella. The short dress is a must-have for any woman who wants to emphasize her feminine side and get a little extra sun on her legs in the summer.

The adorable knee-length dress, also known as the mini dress, has been a hit since it hit the market in the 1960´s. Today, there is an ocean of ​​short dresses from iconic designers, and there is therefore a short dress for every taste and occasion. At Noella you can choose between short dresses in all shades, and whether you are into festive dresses or short dresses for everyday use, we almost dare to promise that you can find your perfect match in our range of beautiful short dresses for both everyday use, work, studying or party occasions.

Wear the short dress in different ways

The short dress is incredibly versatile, and it also offers a myriad of combination options that allow you to create exactly the look you want. The short dress is ideal for the hot summer months, where it provides plenty of air and sun for the legs, but it is also ideal for the cold months when worn with a pair of tights. The good thing about short dresses is that they can also be worn with a pair of jeans, and at the same time seem light in expression. Combine if necessary with a pair of white Sofia Jeans, and get a nice and feminine look while you can still keep warm.

The short dress is also available in a close-fitting model that beautifully highlights your body and emphasizes your feminine side, but it also comes in a more loose-fitting version that falls beautifully and creates a gorgeous silhouette. In addition, the short dress comes in different patterns that harmonize with the current trends in fashion. The short dress is made of soft and comfortable materials, and it is available in cotton, viscose, denim and other mixed fabrics.

The many choices within short dresses allow you to create your own personal style, so finally let your imagination run free when you combine your short dress with your favourite accessories.

The short dress for various events

The short dress can be used for many different events, depending on how it is styled, and it is therefore a must have in any woman's wardrobe, if you ask us. You can therefore safely invest in a short dress and enjoy its versatility and the feminine expression that it adds to your look. The short dress is perfect for any woman who wants a feminine look, but there are also models that are more sporty. These short dresses can advantageously be worn with a pair of nice sneakers if the look needs to be more casual.

The short dress is perfect for summer events such as weddings because you can create a beautiful and feminine look. You can also pull on a pair of tights when the temperature drops in the evening and by doing so maintain the adorable look, even if it gets cooler. The short dress comes in a multitude of colours to suit the seasons, so you just have to choose what colour you want to wear for your upcoming event.

A necessity for summer

Although the dress can be worn all year round, the short dress is of course a must have in the summer or on holiday in the south where your legs need to get some air. This is why the short dress comes in all the colours of the palette, which you are free to choose from. The short dress often has a length that cuts above the knees, which is why there is plenty of opportunity to get a beautiful tan when you wear a short dress in the warm summer weather and on holiday.

A dress is brilliant in the summer if you are going to the beach, for several reasons. It is easy to style, as you do not have to think about both an upper and a lower part. In addition, the dress is practical if you need a walk on the beach, as it is easy to get on and off again.

Short dresses for parties and everyday use

It is not just in the summer that you can pull on the short dress; it works all year round, and that is probably why it is so popular among many women in Denmark as well as abroad. After all, it is the styling of the dress that is important as well as the combination of the different styles in your wardrobe. With the right styling, you can use the dress for both everyday use and parties. For example, the short dress looks great when worn with a pair of tight or jeans with holes and flat shoes, creating a stylish look that works perfectly for everyday wear.

If you want to create a more festive look, you can easily wear the dress with a pair of high-heeled sandals that even make your legs seem longer - the short dress is therefore guaranteed to deliver the perfect look for festive events.

At Noella, we focus on moving quickly when we spot new fashion trends, so you can follow the latest trends on our site. In our range you will find short dresses in all shapes and sizes. Choose from short dresses in strong or pastel colours that are perfect for summer events. Or choose from short dresses in discreet colours that can be worn all year round and for all events. The short dress is available in many different models. For example, you can choose between short dresses with ruffles and lace, but you can also go with the very simple model that gives you a plethora of ​​combination options.

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