Vests are a must have, as they can be styled with dresses and shirts without hiding the outfit. That way, they add more to an outfit than closed knitwear and create a stylish look.







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The Vest as a fashion trend

Trends often go in a loop and the knitted vest is one of the big trends of today. The sleeveless knit vest has been seen on the fashion scene by both big brands and influencers and has helped to define this season's big trend. We at Noella have therefore designed our own knitted vests and at the same time renewed ourselves by designing our Viksa collection as vests with buttons. The Viksa vests can therefore be used both open as cardigans and closed as a sweater in itself.

Styling the vest

The vest is just one of the hottest trends at the moment and at Noella we are absolutely crazy about how much it can do for an outfit and how many ways the vest can be styled.

Whether you want a business look, a retro-inspired look, or if you simply just want to spruce up an outfit, the vest is absolutely indispensable in the wardrobe and it can give any single outfit an extra spice. The vests can be styled in a stylish and relaxed way, but they can also be styled in a more feminine way and be more light in it’s expression.

The knitted vest is a trend, which is a stylish choice and absolutely perfect for spring's beautiful dresses, shirts and jeans. The knitted vests can also be used together with a beautiful white shirt which is slightly oversized and a pair of delicious light blue mom jeans, combined with a pair of chunky sneakers and a cool leather bag. The knitted vests can also be styled with a beautiful shirt dress or a dress that is also slightly oversized, for a slightly more feminine and fine expression.

For a fine look without it having to be a dress, the knit vests can be styled with a feminine shaped shirt with a large collar and some light, tight-fitting jeans. You can style the vest with patterned shirts underneath, it can also be styled over a matching patterned set of trousers and a shirt to add a little extra.

So it is only the imagination that sets the limits for how you can style the beautiful knitted vests, or if you are more into checkers and colours, the Viksa Vest.

Shop the most popular trend of 2020

At Noella, we also have the beautiful Viksa vest, which is available in the most beautiful colours and with a checkered pattern. It is perfect for the colder days besides a knitted sweater and with a skirt or a pair of jeans with sneakers or boots. They are the little sister of our popular collection of Viksa jackets. Therefore, Noella should of course also have the Viksa vest for the warmer periods of the year.

So if you love the western trend just like us, and lack a little accessory for the wardrobe that can spice up any outfit and give you a stylish look, check out Noella's range of knit vests and the Viksa vest.

At Noella we have a large selection of both knitted vests and the popular Viksa vest in a checkered pattern combined with beautiful colours. Shop Knitwear and the Viksa vest at Noellafashion.

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