Long dresses

The combination possibilities with the long dress are many. You can style it with both stilettos for finer use or sneakers if you are looking for a more casual look. Or give the dress a completely different look by adding a belt at the waist.







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The classic must-have - the long dress

The long dress is a classic must-have in any woman's wardrobe, and this is for good reason if you ask us at Noella. The long dress has a wealth of uses, and you can therefore use the dress as you wish - and whenever you want. If you want to show off your elegant and feminine side, you can invest in a long dress that falls beautifully along your body so it gives the impression of a long silhouette.

You can also - with clear advantages - invest in a long dress if you want comfort at the top, as the long dress is comfortable if it is loose-fitting, and it is therefore ideal to wear on a hot summer day, when you want light attire that is both practical and beautiful. At Noella, we have an exquisite selection of long dresses for all events. You can choose between body-hugging dresses that are perfect for the city trip, or loose-fitting, long dresses that can be combined with your favorite accessories and used for both everyday wear and party time. The possibilities are many - not to say endless - so let yourself be seduced and inspired by our range, which offers trendy, long dresses for every style and taste.

Enjoy summer with long dresses

You will often find the long dress in the summer wardrobe, as it is most often airy and made of beautiful materials that fall along your body in a feminine way. In addition, the adorable, long dresses in many different colours and patterns go hand in hand with the summer trends in fashion, which also helps to explain the dresses popularity when it comes to favourite elements in the summer wardrobe.

The long dress is also a must in your suitcase when it is time to take a trip to warmer skies and sunny weather. This is especially due to the versatility of the dress. For example, you can use the long dress as a beach dress, as it is comfortable, practical and adorable, or you can use it when you go to the local market or for a walk in the city.

At Noella, you will find long dresses in summery colours that suit the long summer evenings and which comfortably fall loosely along your body when the summer evenings are capricious. We also recommend that you pack your long dress when you head to summer festivals, where the attire must be practical and comfortable. The loose-fitting, long dress ensures comfort at the top, but it is also incredibly trendy, and you are therefore guaranteed an adorable look that attracts attention on the festival site and differs from the typical festival look, which is often characterized by denim.

Long dresses for everyday use and party times

The long dress is typically the preferred choice when it comes to festive events such as weddings, gala and summer parties. The long dress is especially a classic for the wedding party, because it exudes elegance and gives all body types a long silhouette. It is also a must-have for the gala party, where it is customary for the dress to be long and dazzling. The long dress is also referred to as an evening dress, and there is of course a good reason for this. The long dress is the perfect choice when you go to a party. It is also a classic New Year's Eve dress, where you can emphasize the elegance of the dress by replacing your accessories with more flashy jewelry and a champagne glass with bubbles.

But one does not exclude the other; Although many people dedicate themselves to the long dress when it comes to festive events such as weddings and New Year’s Eve, you can invest in a long dress for everyday use, as it is also available in more casual formats that brightens up everyday life. The long dress comes in many timeless colours and patterns that add discreet elegance to everyday life, and there is thus something for every taste and occasion in our range of long dresses. If you choose to invest in a discreet dress in a timeless colour, you can use it for both everyday wear and party wear. You can combine the discreet dress with stilettos and accessories to suit festive events, and in this way you get an incredibly versatile dress when you invest in a long dress.

Beautiful long dresses for every taste

At Noella, you will find long dresses in trendy models, and you will also find dresses in many different styles. There is thus a guarantee that you will find something you like in our range if you - like us at Noella - love dresses. You will find dresses with long sleeves, short sleeves or completely without sleeves. Furthermore, you will find dresses with beautiful details that harmonize with the current trends in fashion. In our range you can further choose between dresses with ruffles and lace as well as beautiful patterns that are eye-catching and breathtaking. You will also find dresses in fresh colours as well as discreet shades, and we therefore cater to all preferences with our selection of long dresses for women.

Put your personal touch on the long dress

One of the things that makes the long dress fantastic and special is the combination possibilities, which are many - or endless. The long dress looks good with a pair of high stilettos and jewelry - especially when the occasion is a party. The dress also looks good with a pair of sneakers if you are looking for a more casual and ‘down to earth’ look for everyday use. If you have a belt, you can also spruce up the dress and highlight your waist, it is only the imagination that sets the limits for what looks you can create with a long dress. We can also reveal that we often use a petticoat together with our long dresses, as the combination gives a beautiful layer upon layer feeling and a nice silhouette that suits all female bodies.

Whichever dress you choose, you can make your mark on the dress with the help of your favorite accessories, shoes and bags, and thereby achieve exactly the look you dream of.

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