At Noella, we often make the jackets in three different lengths and in many color and pattern combinations, as we want you to find a jacket that complements the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.







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Jackets for all seasons

In Denmark, we are used to the weather changing from day to day, so where one day you have sunshine, the next you can risk being rained on or experience really strong winds. That is why it is important to have the right outerwear so you are not suddenly surprised by wind and weather. A jacket is the best choice if you are unsure of the weather and do not dare to trust that a blouse is enough. Noella Fashion always has a large selection, so you can be absolutely sure of finding something that suits your needs.

Get the most out of our jackets

There is a wealth of beautiful jackets, everything from thin summer jackets and wind jackets, to thicker transition jackets and winter jackets. If necessary, use our transition jackets with a summer top underneath in the warm months and a knit sweater under in the cold months.

Noella Fashion takes great pride in having the best selection so that our customers can always get what they are looking for. Where a coat is most often available in a single length, the length of jackets can vary. Everything from short jackets that go to the waist, to long jackets that go down to the middle of the thighs.

Jackets for the different seasons

Do you need a smart jacket for the season? At Noella Fashion, you will find a large selection of jackets and vests for women which suit all occasions and seasons. Clothes are a means of expressing your personal style. A jacket not only completes your outfit, but also keeps you warm and protects against the cold and sometimes unpredictable weather. When acquiring a new jacket, it is important to consider your personal style, but also what budget is applicable for you. At Noellafashion.com you can easily and quickly find a jacket that suits you. You can fine-tune and narrow your search using our various search criteria, such as size, price, type and colour. That way, you can easily find the jackets that match your needs perfectly.

Buy your new jacket at Noella

Our jackets are available in the best quality at sharp prices. Are you a style-conscious woman who does not want to compromise on price? Then we have a jacket for you. Here we can mention the classic wool coat, which never goes out of fashion. It has changed style many times, but it always retains the same design. It can also be a jacket for the cold months, which must be both practical and warm, but also expresses your personal style and is modern at the same time. Or it can be a denim Viksa jacket for spring, which is comfortable to wear? Either way you will find it on Noellafashion.com.

At Noellafashion.com you get free shipping on purchases over DKK 349, and on the website you can always see when we ship the next time in the left corner. In addition, we offer a live chat, so you can quickly and easily get answers to your questions. We are happy to provide advice and guidance for your next purchase.

For everyone who loves good fashion at good prices

If you lack inspiration for your next purchase, you can find an overview of new items, our favourites and the most popular items on our front page. This can be a help in finding the latest trends and finding clothes or accessories you can not live without. You can also keep an eye on our sale, where you have the opportunity to make a bargain and get hold of some of our great styles at good prices.

A safe style all year round

There are many different jackets which means one can always find something that one likes. Noella Fashion always has a wide selection, so there should also be something for you and your style. Which specific jackets are in fashion, changes with the seasons, so in the winter you will typically find a lot of nice winter jackets that protect against the cold, while in the spring you can find smart denim jackets, canvas jackets or light wool jackets in our range. Noella's coats are available in both wool qualities for autumn and winter and canvas fabrics for spring and summer.

How to put together your outfit is entirely up to you as an individual. Noella Fashion always has a large selection of different jackets that can be used for all occasions. Whether you need to be elegant or casual, we have something for you. The colours are very varied, but if you want an item that suits many styles, you never go wrong with a classic black or gray jacket. However, with time there is nothing that says you can not combine patterns and colours, and you can therefore easily buy one of our checkered Viksa jackets and use it with other items in your wardrobe. You can make sure that your wardrobe is always complete if you buy a nice jacket that can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. We are sure that you can find a jacket that complements your outfit at Noella.

Look well put together and keep warm in the meantime

At Noella Fashion, we love fashion. We sell the latest trends and brands in the industry and have carefully selected our range to reflect the Scandinavian, timeless style. We always have good offers, where you can often save up to 70% on many different items. You will find our sale here. At noellafashion.com you can choose from a lot of jackets from well-known brands in different colours and models. A jacket complements your outfit and is especially an essential part of the wardrobe during the colder months. A jacket must be comfortable and of high quality so it can last for many seasons. We do not believe that a jacket can only be used for one season, neither when it comes to style nor durability. Our jackets have a timeless design that stays modern for many years. Our jackets for women are characterized by being both raw and feminine and we have jackets that appeal to all ages.

A jacket or a coat?

Jackets are most often known as the more practical and warm alternative in comparison to coats. You can find jackets with a zipper, buttons and with a filling of, for example, cotton wool or down. Coats, on the other hand, are characterized by their long silhouette and are often made of wool or another fabric quality without filling. In addition, coats often only have a belt as a closure. Whatever you are into, you can find a selection of both jackets, coats and trench coats here on our website.

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