Shorts can give a casual, sporty or summery look, depending on which style you choose and what you combine them with.







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Shorts for the woman who enjoy fashionable trends

A pair of shorts is an essential item in any summer wardrobe. You can use shorts with tops, blouses, T-shirts and knitwear, for the cold summer evenings. You can style your shorts with sneakers or sandals and both options each offer their own fine expression. There are many options for styling a pair of shorts, and in our view it is the perfect item for any summer wardrobe.

Shorts are super useful, as they are good to wear in situations with high activity in comparison to, for example, trousers and skirts.

Shorts in stylish designs

Shorts are, with good reason, often created for the warmer months of the year. But when the sun finally peeks out, it's just a matter of giving those legs some space - and of course it must be by wearing fashionable designs that fit your style and shape exactly. So take a look at our selection of shorts and get ready for the sun's rays to peek out. You can also take a look at our other bottom wear and get ready for the colder season with nice trousers and nice long skirts.

Different shorts for all occasions

If you want to give your outfit an edge, you can choose some of our shorts where there is already a matching top. If you are going on holiday, our linen shorts are the preferred choice, as linen is a heat dissipator and feels easy to wear. We also have a lot of shorts that you can use both as a set and with tops you already have in your wardrobe. Choose the pair that attracts your attention, and if you need advice or have questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Remember that if you buy for more than DKK 349, you get free shipping. If you are missing something in order to get free shipping, we recommend that you take a look at our bags, as they can be used all year round and therefore always are a good buy.

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