Belt bags

The belt bag was once only seen among tourists and older people, now it is the fashion world, singers and influencers who have reintroduced the belt bag as an ironic comment on a rigid fashion image.







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Why a belt bag?

Belt bags gained huge attention when they were seen on festival sites as a fashion statement made by celebrities and influencers. Subsequently, the belt bag was accepted in everyday life and seen in several different guises among great designers and fashion houses.

Vary the expression of the belt bag

The bag can be used as you wish, and if you get tired of the traditional belt look, you can easily wear the belt bag over your shoulder and thus vary your appearance - with one and the same bag. That is why a shoulder strap is included with virtually all of our belt bags. If you want to give the bag a new look, you can also search in our selection of straps.

Practical and fashionable

With a nice belt bag, you do not have to worry about keeping track of your things, and you do not have to constantly pay attention to whether you have your bag with you or not. You have 100 percent control over your things when they are kept in a practical belt bag which hangs in front of your body. The belt bag is therefore also ideal when you go on holiday, and you want to protect yourself against pickpockets on the metro or in crowded pedestrian streets. In your bag, you can easily store your cash and debit cards, as it is conveniently designed and you have it very close to you. The belt bag also comes with a zipper that just makes the bag even more practical and usable. You can not only keep cash and debit cards in your bag, but also other necessities such as your phone or makeup. In short, you can store exactly what you want in this clever bag. With a belt bag, you always have your things at hand, and that's just one of many reasons why we think you should own a belt bag of your own.

A must-have for festivals

The practical side of the belt bag makes it a favorite element in the summer months, when there are many festivals. This is due to the fact that you have better control over your important loose items in a belt bag, as you have it close to your body without it taking up too much space.

When it's festival season - and summer - you will quickly see that the street scene is dominated by the popular belt bags, so why not jump on the bandwagon and get one? At Noella, you can choose between beautiful patterns and fine colours to suit any season, and you can also create your own personal style by combining the bag with your favourite accessories and the beautiful clothes in your wardrobe. With a pair of sandals or cool sneakers, you can achieve a chic look that many will admire and envy - especially on the festival site, where your charisma will be eye-catching. Although the belt bag helps create a casual look, you can also use it when you are in the city thanks to the fashionable design.

The belt bag for different occasions

The belt bag comes - just like all other bags - in many different shades, and you can therefore choose between different models that fit your wardrobe to a tee. At Noella, you can choose between belt bags with prints and in different colours, and this way you can create a personal look that is difficult to imitate. In our range you will find everything from urban belt bags to the more feminine kind which can be combined with a skirt or dress if you want to emphasize your feminine side even more. You will also find neutral belt bags in our selection, and you can easily combine these with your favorite colours, so you - despite the discreet colour choice - can still create a colourful look. With the right accessories, you have the opportunity to create a completely new and personal look, so explore our selection and get inspired.

Buy your belt bag online today

Is the festival season just around the corner, or are you just looking for a practical bag for the many events of the summer? In that case, look no further. At Noella, you will find an exquisite selection of beautiful belt bags that are perfect for all events and occasions. You can get your favorite by buying it online today, so you can get ready to meet all the fun head on with this practical beauty of a bag. Explore our range and get tempted by the many options available within the belt bag range.

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