Wool jackets

Wool jackets

The wool jacket is right for the feminine girl and woman who likes to take care of her appearance and at the same time wants to keep warm during autumn and winter. The wool jacket often has a long dress-like design that expresses a lot of feminine vibes.

Wool jackets

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    Wool jackets are classic and forever exciting

    With the right wool jacket, you can express charisma and highlight your personal style without freezing your body. We have wool jackets both in short cuts and long cuts and in many colour combinations and styles. You will find one of our wool jackets in a short cut with a faux fur collar, large sleeves and large buttons. We also have wool jackets in the classic shape which reaches over the knees, with ties and a v-neckline. This v-neck also gives you a good opportunity to show off the rest of the outfit. Wear a shirt with a knit sweater over it and create a layer-on-layer look under your new wool coat.

    The wool coat for different occasions

    The wool coat is also a good item in professional contexts, where you want to radiate success, but at the same time do not want to freeze to and from an important appointment. If you need a jacket that you can use with dresses, the wool jacket is the perfect alternative. The wool coat creates an elegant silhouette and an airy look, where the down jacket can appear clumsy with a dress underneath. Wool jackets with a zipper can be a good alternative to the large down jacket, because the zipper insulates and keeps you extra warm.

    The wool jacket for everyday use

    We have our popular Viksa jacket in a men's fit which makes it trendy and cool for everyday use. The menswear cut is obvious by the fact that the jacket is more square in the silhouette and has wider sleeves. The wide cut with wide sleeves is well suited to have a knit sweater underneath. If you want your look to stand out from everyone else's, a checkered jacket is a great alternative. That is why we have made sure to have a number of different colour combinations on offer for our Viksa jackets, so you can find exactly the wool jacket you like best.

    Find the right wool jacket for your style

    If you are mostly into classic clothes, you can take a look at our selection of long wool jackets. If, on the other hand, you are into the more raw or casual style, you can check out our selection of Viksa jackets. Often you can easily create a combination of styles depending on which occasion you use the jacket for. Please note that our Viksa jacket can be purchased in three different lengths. A short, the ‘ordinary’ and in longer length.

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